I like to work on location, take a picture, work on it in the studio and then return for final observations. Sometimes I will work from just a photo as a starting point.

I really enjoy the creative freedom a landscape painting offers. I prefer acrylics. They dry quickly so I can paint many layers in one session.



L_01, oil on board 9X19

L_02, acrylic on masonite panel 30X40


L_03, acrylic on canvas board 11X14 detail


L_04, acrylic on canvas board 12X24

L_05, acrylic on canvas board 9x12

L_06, Marin Headlands 16 x 24 sold

click here for underpainting

SL_01 acrylic on canvas board 12x16

L_07, acrylic on canvas board 9x12, sold

L_08 a preliminary sketch

L_09 sketched on location in Paris, 9x12

L_10 painted on location in France, 9x12

L_11 painted on location in France, 9x12

Original art prices range from $800 to $10,000 US dollars